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Spring Term 1 Reflections 


Noah in Year 4 shares what he's learnt this term... 


I have done so much this term in Geography! I have been doing about climate change but our overarching head topic has been 'Why is Climate Change a problem?'. Deforestation is happening all over the world which is bad because carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Sea levels are rising and ice is melting in the North Pole and the animals that live their are losing their homes. Climate Change has also caused flooding in Somerset between 2013 and 2014. Somerset was flooded because climate change causes extreme weather, it was so serious that the army were called to help! Children had to take paddle boats to school and cars were flooded to the top! 


A special letter for Chestnut Class!

Visit from local politician, Lisa Spivey!


We were lucky enough to have a visit from Lisa Spivey! She came to meet us and talk to us about the climate change crisis, after receiving our letters. She told us all about her role as a politician and encouraged us to keep making small changes that make a big difference!

Chestnut Class - Gymnastics Event

Autumn Term Reflections! 


We had a wonderful time in Chestnut Class this term - we have been totally immersed in the world of the Ancient Egyptians! As well as all the fantastic learning in class, Y4s have had a wonderful time going swimming each week, we've been busy growing and harvesting our vegetables from our outdoor area, and we have had regular visits from Mrs Pauling from Kingshill school who has been leading fantastic orienteering and team building sessions for us! 


In English, Chestnut Class wrote fantastic adventure stories based on Macey And The Riddle Of The Sphinx, using lots of new writing skills such as expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials! Not only this, but they also created wonderful double pages displaying all they have learnt, including fantastic pieces of writing such as Howard Carter diary entries and instructions on how to make an Egyptian Shaduf! 


In Maths, we have been working hard on multiplication and division this term. Both year groups have been getting to grips with both mental and formal written methods, working particularly hard on explaining their answers and being able to spot mistakes and correct them! 


In Science, Chestnut Class have been learning all about animals and humans! We particularly enjoyed our class experiment where we explored the impact of different drinks on our teeth! We used egg shells to represent the enamel on our teeth, and conducted a fair test to see which drink made the most damage over time! 


In History, we have had lots of fun learning all about the Ancient Egyptians! We've done everything from human timelines to help us understand chronology, to mummifying tomatoes! We enjoyed exploring farming in Ancient Egypt and even had a go at making our very own Egyptian Shadufs in Design and Technology!