We welcome to our school this week, Elka Evalds, the author of Granny Magic.

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We love Reading!


1 Corinthians 16:14

"Let all that you do be done in love"


Play is the work of children, and through play and interaction, children learn how to talk, listen, read and write.  We use this to support our children through the early reading stages and beyond to create confident readers with a love for books.


Early reading skills start with listening and speaking skills.  Children learn how to use oral forms of language in order to communicate their ideas and thinking.  When they are ready, they start to explore and make sense of written forms.  Here at Ampney Crucis, we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ to support these early skills and develop the children’s knowledge until they are ready to read words, then sentences independently and confidently.


Reading is a complex skill to master that requires continuous support and practise.  We encourage the children to take part in daily reading activities to build their understanding and fluency skills.  We want to enthuse the children’s passion for reading and teach them the skills they need to thrive as they enter the world of imagination and fact.  We can do this by exposing them to new exciting texts and authors.


Reading for Pleasure 

It is important that children want to pick up something and read – to be emerged in the world of a book is the greatest pleasure. We have many ways in which to encourage children to do this, they can visit our library, sit and choose a book from their own class library, take a book to share at home which they have chosen themselves.


Picture Books

Picture books are an essential part of the reading diet and provide all children the opportunity to access language rich texts that can be easily picked apart for understanding.  These texts hold the key to not only developing reading but also language.  They allow children to see what good story writing looks like and how parts of speech are brought together.  We would encourage all of our children, even those in year 6, to spend time learning from these great authors.


Reading Schemes

Like most schools, the children work their way through a reading scheme of colour banded books.  By following the correct pattern, we can ensure the children are exposed to accurate levels of language and reading challenge.  It is important the children work through these at a pace which right for them.  When the children move from one band to another, we are not just looking at the words they can read, we are also looking at their inference and comprehension skills.  The children have to be able to demonstrate they thoroughly understand what they are reading and why.  In order for the children to get the very best from a book, they must be able to enjoy the text presented to them.  We encourage the children to become reading detectives as they learn to pick apart the hidden messages contained within a story and help them to learn how to read for pleasure which in turn allows them to become engaged readers with a developed love for stories.


Reading in Class

We develop children’s reading in a number of ways in school, through guided reading in groups, whole class reading, individual and paired reading. We also have reading buddies where older and younger children read together.