We welcome to our school this week, Elka Evalds, the author of Granny Magic.

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Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class!


We have a small group of Reception children in our lovely, spacious indoor and outdoor classroom. The children thrive using all of the areas to enhance their learning through carefully planned play-based activities, whilst providing opportunities for them to use their imagination to see where their own ideas lead them. Our aim as teachers is to ensure the children are happy and safe, engaged and enjoying their time at school, alongside support at home, as that is how children learn to fly.


Our Maple Class team has two part-time teachers, Mrs Alison Hopkins (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Hayward (Thursday, Friday) and a full time Teaching Assistant, Mrs Sue Cordell. We understand that it can be daunting when your child starts school, and you may have lots of questions to ask. We always have an open door and encourage you to talk to us about any worries or concerns, no matter how big or small.


We work on independence skills with our children as soon as they arrive in school. It is always fantastic to see children who have already mastered some of these skills, such as putting their coat on, including zips and buttons, turning their clothes inside out (very helpful for PE!) and putting their shoes on. It is also great to see children that are able to tidy away when they have finished an activity before moving onto something else.


Children always come into school with different abilities, so don’t worry if you don’t think your child can do some of the things that others can. You can help your child be school ready by encouraging them to recognise letters in their name, looking for and identifying numbers in the environment or by making counting objects part of everyday life, such as when buying fruit or vegetables.



Homework in Maple class is based around learning our sounds and further exploring our new skills we have learnt in the classroom.


When we began our Letters and Sounds journey, the children will bring home a new sound each day to practice quick recall with you. They might like to find or sort objects that begin with that sound or even explore how to write it, but this is not an expectation. We will begin to look at blending these sounds to read simple words and listening very carefully so that we can write down the sounds we hear in the words. 


Your child might enjoy singing number songs with you to help secure their understanding of numbers within 5 or 10 and look out for numbers to 10 when you are out and about!